July 10, 2015

I LOVE SUMMER!  Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted! From pool parties, Vacation Bible School, and sleepovers at Sophie’s, it’s been    C-R-A-Z-Y!  So, my BFF and I were out walking last night and picked a few wildflowers. We brought them inside and I couldn’t find a vase ANYWHERE.  But my mom had JUST rinsed out the jar we keep pickles in and I had a BRILLIANT idea! She was just going to throw it in the recycling bin – so she said I could use it! I rinsed it out really well (no one wants flowers that smell like pickles…gross) Then I peeled the label off of the outside and scrubbed it until it was sparkling clean. Then, Sophie and I went to my ribbon scrap pile and found a pieces in my favorite color:  PINK.  Mom had some burlap fabric and it was a great combo! We tied a piece around it, filled the jar with water, and put our wildflowers in it. Umm… SO PRETTY! I love flowers, don’t you??  Send me some pics of crafts that you and your friends like to do!


Catie Conrad, fashionista extraordinaire!



  1. Faith Buettner says

    Cool I tried that project, so pretty! I just finished the 2nd diva diaries book and hope third book comes out soon! Btw, great mix up in the end of first book!! So thought josh would ask you to the dance but Tyler did!!! Cool!!!

    • DivaDiaries says

      Hi Faith! Send me a pic of your project! I’d love to see it. Thanks for thinking that my diaries are cool! I think you’re cool too! Let your friends know about them too! Have a great summer!

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